Saturday, November 11, 2017

A Real Surprise,,,, on Java Sea.

I could not believe it,,,,. Really.

How could someone have just dumped stuffs close to the island,,, my paradise. Oh,, that is unbelievable. Unbelievable. 

When we were on the island,,, and swimming around the island, we could not see it clearly. However, I perceived something laid on the seabed. It was really unusual,,, because we know the island exactly. Bits and pieces. I was curious,,,. When I watched the video at home in the evening,, oh,,, I was shocked,,, and my hart rate pumped faster,,,. How could that happen? They were not there two weeks before,,, the last visit we paid to the island. 

We just landed on the island. An islet in Java Sea.

I could not believe my eyes,,,,. Is it real?

Yeah,,, someone has dumped three cars near the island. Oh,,, I am sad. Really sad. 

 When we were on the island,, we just enjoy the the beach and the sea without having any concern.

Just walking around,,,,.

Enjoy the crystal clear water,,,,.

Watching millions of fishes that just hatched from eggs.

I just enjoyed watching fishes swimming around me.

The situation around the island is really good.

We could see fishing boat roaming around  the island for catching fishes.

I really wish,,, those guy, who threw the cars, would regret one day about his misdeed.

I hope that the island would remain in a good condition forever.

I was swimming without realising that someone has dump three cars not far from my position.


Sunday, October 29, 2017

Fishing Feast Around Damar Island,,,.

A strong rain came one night before,,,,. The island seemed to have been washed away by the rain,,,. Yeah,, we saw a lot of rubbish from the tropical rain forest on the Damar Island. 

Our purpose was to do sport in that morning. We just sailed around the gulf of Jakarta,,, and would stop in any place or island, we felt like to stop. Yeah,, we were roaming around,,, and saw many fishing boats. There seemed to be a fishing feast in that morning. Fishing boats were everywhere,, quite a lot,,, and were catching fishes in the same time. 

Damar Island,,, from south view was very quite in that morning. Some fishing boats were still there taking a rest after night squid fishing the night before. 

We landed at the eastern beach of the island,,, away from sleeping fishermen in order not to disturb their rest.

Strong rain and current the night before has disturbed all the environment around the island. The sea water was not clear as usual.

Looking from east toward west,,,. The island lays from east to west.

We could still see in the distance,,, there were a lot of fishing boats,,, catching fishes in the same time.

They were all in the close area,,,.

We could also see the mobile fishing nets,,,, called Bagang.

We did not spend too much time staying on the island. We just took a rest,, and sailed back to Jakarta.

This is the view from the above of a Bagang,,,, a mobile fishing net.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Mother nature is perfect,,,,. Impeccable,,,,.

Imagine,,,, in the early morning,,,. The morning breeze,,,, the chirping birds,,,,,. It was so secluded,,,, in the southern part of Thousand Island, Java Sea. 

There was almost no present of human,,, only fishes,, swimming around. It was really a great feeling. 

I and my wife,,,,, having breakfast after sailing from Jakarta in that early morning.

We were anchoring between islands,,,,,.

We had our breakfast with hot coffee,,, oh,,, excited.

From this perspective the island seemed far away,,, in fact it was not.

Looking at swimming fishes,,, oh,,, the nature is really perfect.

The next would be indeed swimming,,,.

For sure just around our Hobie Tandem Island,,,.

I hope there was no shark around us,,,.

Even though,, we had to be careful.

Before the sun rises higher,,, we stayed there,,, and enjoyed the morning dew,,,.

Passenger ships coming from Thousand Islands,,,.

Small boat was bringing tourists from Jakarta to Pulau Kelor,,, where a remnant of a ship dockyard from Dutch colonial time is still preserved. 

This is the advantage of living in the biggest archipelago in the world,,, Indonesia.

My wife did not join me swimming,,, as she was scared of sea ulcers.

We were south of Pulau Bidadari,,,,. Angle Island.

The weather was perfect in that morning.

We did not catch fishes,,, we just enjoyed looking at them swimming around us.

When the sun started to shine stronger,,, we sailed back to Jakarta. Well,,,, we arrived in Jakarta before noon time. We still had a lot of time to do other things during weekend. Oh,,, we are really lucky living in an area close to the sea.

The mother nature is there to be enjoyed. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Abandoned Island,,,, on Java Sea

The remnant of the bungalow is still there on the island,,,, deserted. It was once a paradise for the rich and the famous in 60s until 70s. (Un)fortunately, the island has been abandoned for such a long time,,, deserted and washed away by the current and wave of Jave Sea.
The island has become our paradise now,,, our playground,,,,, our swimming pool in the middle of Java Sea. What a dream place for us,,,.  

The island seems a pinnacle of undersea mountain,,,,. 

We did not see any other people,,,,. It was only blue sky,,, deep blue water,,, and crystal clear beach,,,,.

We are so lucky,,,, able to go to the island,,,, for free.

Swimming was a must indeed.

 A trip from Jakarta,,,, was really worth it.

Just landed and took equipment from the kayak to the island,,,.

The island is far away from Jakarta shore,,,,.

The remnant of the bungalow,,,,. It was a paradise for the rich and famous in 60s until 70s.

(Un)fortunately,,, it was abandoned and deserted,,,, washed away by the wave and sea current,,,,.

We were enjoying the beach,,, the crystal clear water,,,,.

The Hobie Tandem Island was anchored at the sea. This was to prevent damaging the kayak,,, as there were quite a lot corral around the island.

Yeah,,, it was all began in early morning. We left Jakarta from the Bahtera Jaya Sailing Club.

We reached the island after sailing two and half hour  from Jakarta northward.

The crystal clear water,,, oh,,,,. I loved it.

We really loved this sea scape,,,,.

 Oh,,, the breeze,,,,,.

The water,,,,.

By the way,,, my wife kept watching me,,, and the surrounding. She needed to make sure that there would be no shark or such a like coming and approaching us. Safety must be taken care as first priority indeed. 

It was awesome,,,,. Awesome.

The other angle view of the island,,,,.

After a while,,, we were preparing to sail back to Jakarta.

See you next time,,,, on the island,,,.

The island was abandoned,,,, again and again. In the middle of Java Sea. A treasure island for sea lover like us.

A Real Surprise,,,, on Java Sea.

I could not believe it,,,,. Really. How could someone have just dumped stuffs close to the island,,, my paradise. Oh,, that is unbelievab...