Monday, September 25, 2017

New Navigation Tower at Tanjung Priok, Jakarta.

The port authority has just completed constructing a navigation tower at the Jakarta port, Tanjung Priok. Not many people know about it. The towers resemble a traditional culture of Betawi, the indigenous of Jakarta greater area. 

The male figure.

The female figure.


Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Damar Besar Island with Love,,,,.

Eventually,,, we made it arriving early morning at the island. The island is called Pulau Damar Besar. The location is exactly zero degree north of Jakarta. The wind was not that strong in that morning, so that we could launch our drone to take video and photo of the beautiful island.

The island is the farthest island north of Jakarta. The next island after this island is Borneo Island,,, maybe around 300 miles away. The sea around the island is quite deep. The sea water is very clear. Unfortunately,,, sometime there are rubbishes coming from somewhere,,,,. Fortunately, the current will wash them away.

There is a famous light house standing on the island. It was built during the reign of King Z. M. Willem of Holland in 1879. The light house is a landmark for ships entering the gulf of Jakarta. From its location the ship can sail exactly 180 degrees south before entering Jakarta port, Tanjung Priok.

We arrived at the island around 10 am after sailing two and half hours from Jakarta.

The famous light house from Dutch colonial time,,,, hundred of years back. A land mark before entering the gulf of Jakarta.

Wow,,, crystal clear water,,, white sandy beach,,,, tropical rain forest,,,, fish rich area,,,,. It was breath taking.

Deep blue water with a lot of mobile fishing nets.

Most of the crews were sleeping after night fishing.

Just landed after sailing and pedaling from Jakarta.

We immediately jumped in to the crystal clear water. Wow,,,,,.

Oh,,, it was fun and exciting. We can go to this place without paying anything. No flight ticket,,, no charges,,,,,. Just come and enjoy the day.

There  were several mobile fishing nets around the island. They are called "Bagang".

Our position from other perspective.

The other side of the island.

Really a good place for relaxing.

The sea around the island is quite deep.

While we were bathing,, our drone was flying around and took photos and videos.

The lighthouse stands alone showing the passing ship indication for entering gulf of Jakarta.

The fisherman were sleeping after night fishing.

Well,,, time to prepare a return sailing back to Jakarta.

The water was cold and fresh.

We would stay longer but not this time.

Next time we will come back and camp on the island. Really awesome.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Sailing to Pulau Untung Jawa with my son.

Well,,, the trip was quite far for kayak sailing to the island. The location is in the northwest of Jakarta,, around 25 km. It is in the southern part of Thousand Island Area, which is under the administration of Jakarta City. The location is in the open sea, so we need to understand and know the risk.

As usual, the wind speed in the morning is usually calm. I and my youngest son left Jakarta in that morning around 9 am. It was part of our weekend exercise. We used the chance to practice pedaling,, well cardio exercise. In the same time,, we enjoyed the morning view of the sea. Oh,, it was really fun.

This was an islet called Pulau Kelor with a remnant of a ship dock yard from Dutch colonial time. It is dated back a couple of hundred years.

The weather was perfect,,, we could sail smoothly with northeast wind. Really nice and peaceful,,,.

My son was really tired and felt a sleep on the way. So,, I just kept pedaling,,, sailing and steering the kayak. Really awesome.

It was all begun, when we left the sailing club in that morning and started with breakfast.

I just needed to steer the sail kayak with the joystick like steering stick.

My son had just finished his breakfast and started to enjoy the trip.

On the way to the island we met speed boat transporting people to Thousand Island.

Fishermen also.

As the sun light was too strong and my son forgot to bring his sunglass, he had headache and felt a sleep.

Well,,, we were alone in the sea,,, with some fishing boats around us.

The first island that we would pass by was Pulau Bidadari... or Angle Island.

As usual,, we saw some people were playing around and burning the gasoline for fun.

Other islands were also in sight,,, Pulau Kahyangan and Pulau Cipir.

We were approaching Pulau Kelor,,, a famous island with a ship dock yard on it from Dutch Colonial time. The island is one of tourist attractions in Jakarta greater area.

Well,,, we had no plan to land,, as our island destination is still far away. We needed to consider the time back to Jakarta before dusk.

I was alone controlling the sailing kayak. My son was sleeping. I heard only the wind,,, and the splashing sea water.

After a while,, Pulau Kelor was behind us already.

Our island destination was still 8 km away.

We encountered wooden passenger ship from Thousand Island sailing to Jakarta.

At almost noon, we were approaching our island destination, Pulau Untung Jawa. Translated in English, it means Lucky Javanese Island.

Unfortunately,,, we had headwind, so that we could not move faster. We needed to use pedal. Otherwise we need to do zigzag,,,, which will take longer time.

Well, we were almost there.

A recreational beach on the island. They offer water sport activities such as banana boat, jet ski etc.

The pier for in and out coming tourists.

 Yeah,, just a few meter left we could reach the island.

Yeah,,, we were there,,,. We did not land at the island,,, just sailed around.

In the west part of the island we saw octagonal wave breakers.

So we just continued sailing around the island.

We saw some water sport equipment scattered around the island. Yes,, the island offers a lot of water sport activities for tourist.

Two guys were angling.

After a while we sailed back eastward.

Small passenger ships berthing at the jetty. They usually transport visitors from Jakarta or northwestern part of Java to the island.

We continued sailing eastward.

Back to the pier of the island.

Speed boat towing banana boats.

It was mid day Saturday,,, tourist had just come to the island. There were only a few activities.

Some boats had just prepared the activities.

Well,,, some had begun playing around.

We sailed further eastward,,,,.

The last part of the island we visited before taking a rest for return trip. This was the port of Lucky Javanese Island.

We took a rest for a while and prepared the return trip with tough weather forecast.

We did not stay that long. We needed to calculate the time sailing back to Jakarta. We had a long way through the open sea in front of us. Yeah,,, long way back to Jakarta.

We started leaving the island.

Jakarta was in front of us. It was not in sight. The city was behind the horizon.

It was around 1:30 pm. My son was taking an ablution for praying Zuhur. He took off the Mirage Drive and used the open hull to take the sea water.

We decided to pray Zuhur one after another.

Yeah,,, the wind speed started to pick up.

We thought it was OK,,, maybe a fast sailing.

Unfortunately,,, the wind speed got stronger and stronger.

We sailed faster and faster. Unfortunately,,, we did a big mistake. We put the PFD in the compartment at the bow. It was impossible to open and to take the PFD. Sea water might get in to the compartment. We had no chance. We just kept sailing without wearing PFD. Well,,, it was quite dangerous.

Almost halfway back to Jakarta,,,, this was the last photo we could take. It was impossible to take photo afterward. The wind was very strong,,, the wave was quite big and the sea current was really strong.  We needed to keep the kayak in good position and make sure that it would not flip over.

We had still a long way back to Jakarta,,,, we had to struggle safely,,,, and eventually we made it back.

It was awesome. Really awesome. We entered the breakwater area of the sailing club at 3:30 pm with a delighted feeling. Well,,,, that was the way we enjoy our life.

We really love sailing. Really.

New Navigation Tower at Tanjung Priok, Jakarta.

The port authority has just completed constructing a navigation tower at the Jakarta port, Tanjung Priok. Not many people know about it. Th...