Tuesday, April 17, 2018

This time was different,,,,. Different caliber.

Well,,, the ultimate goal and dream of a sea-lover, like me, is indeed sailing around the world in a high-tech sailing boat. Yes,,, that is my dream too before I die. But sailing around the world I am not ready yet,,, for logistics and time reasons. I can not afford taking my early retirement yet. Poor guy,,, isn't it. 

This time we sailed around Thousand Island in a French made 42 ft long sailboat. Just for fun indeed. 

Ready for leaving the marina.

Leaving marina in manual mode. We needed to make sure that we would sail away from marina in a safe way, because there were a lot of fishing boats roaming around Gulf of Jakarta. Yeah,,, we needed to avoid unnecessary issue with them. 

Inspecting around the sailboat is always a must,,, a ritual,,, making sure that everything is OK.

The weather in Jakarta was really good in that morning.

Well,,, so far so good,,,. Ready for departure.

Leaving marina requires slow speed,,,, making sure,, that we would leave the marina safely without hitting other boats.

Hhmmm,,,, almost done.

Batavia Marina was behind us.

Reviewing the sailing path,,, and plan.

This was the beauty of sailing,,,,. Using the engine we were leaving the marina toward north.

Sunda Kelapa Port was on our lee side.

Some other ships were still in front of us. We needed to make sure that we could pass them without touching their mooring lines.

It was really a smooth sailing.

Yes,,, logistic for the day especially the food have been brought sufficiently.

Slowly we were sailing northward.

Mooring line,,, we needed to pay attention.

Talking and laughing,,,,.

Before switching to autopilot mode,,, still manual mode.

We were in a team, so everyone was busy with many small things.

The handling of the sailboat is really agile and light.

OK,,, the main sail was opened and the jibe sail was unfurled. The real sailing had just begun.

My wife was sitting on the deck enjoying the sea view. No one was in the cabin,,,,. Everyone would like to enjoy the morning breeze.

Food and beverages were there indeed. Abundantly,,,,.

We were sailing northward and passed by several islands,,,.

Once everything was set,,,, well,,, time to enjoy the beauty of sailing,,,,.

Only with sailing boat we could do this relaxed activity,,,,. The wind blew smoothly,, the sea was a bit choppy,,, the sun shone perfectly,,,,. The engine was switched off,,,,. Really awesome.

I know,,,, why people all over the world like sailing so much,,,,. I know,,,,.

This is something we would always thank the Creator,,,,, the All Mighty.

Walking around the sailboat we need to be careful and kept holding the hand rail or rope. Just to make sure that we would not fall over board.

Whoa,,,,,, this was really fantastic,,,,.

My wife was enjoying the journey under the Bimini.

Friends,,, nice friends,,,,.

Well ready for lunch,,, while we were approaching Pulau Pari.

The sea was quite deep,,,, however,, in some areas there were corrals. We needed to sail away from the corrals in the safe area.

We did not feel like to stay in the cabin,,, because the view was limited. There are 3 bedrooms and 2 bath rooms with shower there,,, beside galley.

On our left side the sky was clear,,, but on our right side,,, black clouds were looming. We did not pay to much attention on it,,, until it was too late.

Yeah,,, the strong rain suddenly poured on us,,,. Oh,,, we had not install the complete Bimini yet,,,. The wind blew the rain water in to the sailboat. We were all wet including the computer and others. So we had to install the Bimini in the rain,,,, and reefed the main sail during the strong rain pour. A bit struggling indeed,,, but we loved to do all of that. Yeah,,, we were all really wet and needed changing our cloths.

Eventually,,, we had installed the Bimini and reefed the main sail. We were totally wet.

As the visibility was limited in the rain,,, my wife watched the sail path thoroughly making sure that there were no fishermen crossing our path. We were sailing close to populated islands.

Pulau Pari was on our right side.

We were sailing in the shipping lane in the Thousand Island area, so the traffic was quite busy. So wee need to be careful.

The main sail was being reefed fully. We needed to do this making sure that the sailboat could be easily handled in the strong wind condition.

We were mowing slowly until we could control the condition fully. Some of our equipment were wet poured by the rain water. We needed to keep them dry.

We decided to make a turn and sailed back toward Jakarta.

There are a lot of luxury penthouse on the private island.

One of the owner was sailing with his yacht toward Jakarta,,,, I thought,,,,.

The rain was still pouring,,,,,. Really heavy rain.

I was really wet and had to change the cloth.

Well,,, after a while,,, the rain stopped already and clear sky started to appear.

Well,,,, after sailing around pulau Pari,,, we decided to sail back to Jakarta. It was already 2 pm.

As we had head wind,,, we decided to close all the sail and used the engine.

Slowly and smoothly we were passing island after island.

For sure,, we always used every chance to enjoy the journey.

Well,,, Jakarta was in sight. We were heading Batavia Marina.

Closer,,, and closer,,,. The horn was ready,,,, to be blown indicating our arrival at the marina.

Thousand Islands were behind us,,,, with its majestic view. We will come back for sure,,,,. 

This time was different,,,,. Different caliber.

Well,,, the ultimate goal and dream of a sea-lover, like me, is indeed sailing around the world in a high-tech sailing boat. Yes,,, that is...